Hanan Ahmed Zaki Hassan Alzawaidy

Associate Professor in E-learning in Instructional Technology &Distance Education,Vice Chairman of IT Deprt.College of Education,Taif University

Ruqayyah Hussain Mohammad Fallatah

Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Educational Technologies - Vice President of Curriculum and Educational Technology ,

Rania Elsawy Abdo Abdelkawy

Professor of Mental Health Faculty of Arts and Sciences Qassim University Saudi Arabia

Rabi -Abd al-Rauf Mohammed Amer

Assistant Professor of Special Education, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia

Qussai s.Ahmed

Assistant professor College of Islamic Science

Prof.Mahmoud Ibrahim Assallami

Professor of linguistics at Al-Azhar

Prof.Dr.atif lbrahem aggour

Professor of pure mathematics . Faculty of Science . Department of mathematics . Alazhar University

Prof. Eman Asfour

Professor in Ain Shams University. Curriculum and teaching method philosophy and sociology

Osama Mahmoud Farrag Sayed

Professor Adult Education Faculty Of Graduate Studies for Education Cairo University.

Ngawa Yousef Gamal el -din

Professor of Foundations of Education & Educational Planning

Moneer Samra AlSayed AlAzazy

PhD in Management Specialization in Counseling and Mental Health

Mohammed Farrag Badawi

Associate Prof. of TEFL Chair of Curriclum & Instruction Dep. Faculty of Education October 6 University

Haser Hasan Mohammed Showaiihi

Ph.D. in curriculum and methods of mathematics teaching Ministry of Education- Training and Scholarship programs Design & teachers training

Gamal E. Aboulfotouh

Professor of Animal Nutrition.former Vice dean ; faculty of Agriculture; Fayoum University; Egypt

Hanaa Elbrense Shabaan

Lecturer at Zoology Department Faculty of Science Tanta

Fahim Abdel Aziz Fahmy Abed Rabbo.

Professor of Foundations of Education previously at Taif University, Saudi Arabia.


Professor of Literature and Criticism Modern Assistant.

Dr.Mohamed Yousef Morsy Nasr

Professor and Head of Administration, Planning and Comparative Studies

Dr.Mahmoud Abdel Majid Assaf

Assistant Professor of Educational Management and Planning Palestinian Ministry of Education

Dr. mamdouh awad Al enezi

ِAssistant professor of education foundationsِِ

Dr. Osama Abd- El- Ghafar Elshrief

Associate Professor, Tabuk and King Saud Universities, PhD, Educational Administration

Dr. Amr Fouad Sadek

Assistant Professor of Mathematical Statistics. Faculty of Science. Alazhar University

DR.Shda Ibrahim faraj

Associate Professor, Department of Leadership and Educational Policies-vice dean


Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Educational Technologies

Amal Mahmoud Ali Ibrahim Assoc

prof.Dr in Curriculum and method of teaching Arabic language and Islamic Education

Abdeltawab ٍٍSayed Eisa Yousef

Adult education And life long learning at Cairo University

DR.Nasser Ali Mohamed Ahmed Barki

Curriculum ُExpert. Doctor in Curriculum and Teaching Methods