Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Policy of privacy and publish in the Journal


The scientific creation pioneers Magazine publishes the original and qualified research papers and welcomes your share of studies, research, reports and other scientific work. It also invites you to interact with the published materials and enhance the website topics via your comments and ideas. The Innovation Pioneers Journal adopts the following publish policy:

1- The Innovation Pioneers Journal is a peer-reviewing periodic monthly journal issued at the first of each Gregorian month.  

2 - The attached materials, either in the original language or other languages, have to be devoid of grammatical and spelling mistakes as well as typographical errors.

3 - The Journal preserves all the rights of publish.

4 - The journal is specified in publishing research in the areas of anthropology and social sciences.

5 - All research are subjected to peer-reviewing in exception for these research offered by Professor Researchers.

6 - The material has to be attached with an explicit name for the author and his correspondence information (email at least).

7 - The journal esteems that any researcher or author asks for publishing a material in this journal has read and understood these terms of privacy policy.

8 - The journal decides the validity of research for publish based on the judgment of specialized peer-reviewers.

9 - The priority for publish is for the anthropology and social science journals then the priority of receiving the research.

10 - The research are published in the journal in Arabic language and English language besides other languages.

11 - Following the principal of opinion independency, all opinions presented in the journal represent their owners and don’t represent the journal opinion, and journal isn’t responsible of these opinions.

12 - The journal doesn’t pay currently any financial sums or salaries as compensations or rewards for attached research; either was published or not.

13 - The journal isn’t obliged to publish any attached material as the place and time of publish is subjected to relative technical and technological considerations.

14 - The journal has the right to publish summaries for other research papers, studies, forums’ papers and conferences’ papers only in five pages.

15 - The research published in this journal doesn’t have to be published before in any journal, pamphlet or conference.

16 - The researcher is obliged not to send his research to any other side for the purpose of publish till he got a reply from this journal by the validity or invalidity of publishing his research. This restriction works for three months starting from the history of receiving the research by the journal editorial board.  

17 - The journal welcomes publishing reports about scientific forums and conferences specialized in the pre-mentioned areas.

18 - The journal publishes summaries of university theses after viva voce.

19 - The journal publishes presentation for the books whose issue history doesn’t surpass one year.

20 - The journal publishes summaries for Arabic and foreign books and research.

21 - The journal publishes the important and valuable lectures of specialists in various sciences.

22 - The journal publishes the cultural and scientific activities conducted by specialized colleges and institutions.

23 - The journal management has the right to revise and update the policy that it views suitable; including for example: if our practices changed or legal changes forced us to change our practises, you have to relook this page to access the most updated information.


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