Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Rules and terms of publish (researchers and peer-reviewers)

scientific creation pioneers Magazine for Studies and Researches is an approved monthly periodic peer-reviewed journal holding the international standard number (9218 – 2600) and below are the rules and terms of publishing in the journal:-

1. Peer-reviewing: all researches which are sent for publish are submitted to specialized peer-reviewers according to the scientific rules. The research is considered approved after the researcher does the amendments required by the peer-reviewers. The researchers are responsible of the contents of their researches as the submitted researches express the opinion of their writers not the journal’s opinion. The submitted researches are subjected to an initial check by the editorial board to decide its validity for the peer-reviewing and its commitment of the rules of publish.

Procedures of peer-reviewing

1. The editorial board revises the researches and studies to ensure their commitment of the rules and terms of publish in the journal.

2 – The terms of publish: the editorial board emphasizes the necessity of obliging the following terms of publish:-

(1) The research shouldn’t exceed (30) pages (8000 words) including summary in both; Arabic and English languages and references.

(2) The researcher presents two summaries for the research: one in Arabic language and the other in English language provided that each summary shouldn’t exceed (150 -200) words.

(3) Key words follow the two summaries and shouldn’t exceed five words (not existent in the title) expressing the fields that the researcher is handling.

(4) The four margins of page (up, down, right, left) should be (3 cm) with single-spaced lines.

(5) The font of content in the Arabic researches should be (Simplified Arabic) size (16) and in English researches should be (Times New Roman) size (11).

(6) The font of tables in Arabic researches should be (Simplified Arabic) size (10) and in English Researches should be (Times New Roman) size (8).

(7) The Arabic Numbers (Arabic 1-2-3…) should be used in all chapters.

(8) The format of paper should be (A4) and page numbers should be in the middle bottom of page.

(9) The tile, researcher’s name or researchers’’ names, the researcher’s’ establishment and correspondence address should be in written a separated page before the research pages; followed by the research pages starting from the first page as the tile is written only followed by the rest of research. 

(10) The researcher’s name or the researchers’ name shouldn’t be mentioned explicitly or hinted in the research content. The pseudonyms words such as (research or researchers) can be used instead of names; either in the content, citation or references list.

(11) The research is organized according to the following:-

A – Empirical researches: The researcher starts with an introduction including the nature of research, its significance, its justifications and its variables and incorporates the literature review without specifying a subtitle. Then, he illustrates the statement of problem followed by the research objectives. After that, he presents the research questions or hypotheses then research methodology including populations and sample, instruments, procedures, data analysis; followed by discussion of findings and recommendations. The references list should be written in the end of research following the journal’s approved citation techniques.

B – Theoretical researches: The researcher starts with an introduction for the central idea of discussion showing the research ethics and its significance for his field. Then, he presents the methodology and hence divides his research to cohesive chapters in which he presents a specific related to the central idea of research. After that, he concludes the research with a comprehensive summary implying the most important findings and place the reference list in the end of research following the journal’s approved citation techniques.

(12) Tables should be listed in the text and numbered in sequence and tables’ names should be written above. The detailed notes should be written below the tables. The researcher’s notes and citations should be mentioned in the end of page if necessary.

(13) The references and sources; either in the research or reference list should be cited according to American Psychological Association, Sixth edition (APA style).

(14) The researcher should ensure the correct language of his research and check the grammatical and linguistic mistakes.

(15) The Arabic reference list should be placed after the content directly in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name; followed by the English reference list based on the English alphabetical order according to the author’s last name.

(16) The researcher affords the total responsibility of any infringements for the research ethics in the case its existence such as (disregarding ethical considerations in dealing with samples, data, instruments and copyrights).

(17) The research shouldn’t be published or submitted for publish previously by ant other journal and won’t be submitted to other journal in the case of publish approval.

(18) The researcher can’t apply for withdrawing the research after informing him the access of his research. In the case of applying for research withdrawing, the researcher has to pay the researcher’s cost estimated by the editorial board in any time after informing the researcher with reception

(19) All opinions presented in this journal represent their owners without reflecting necessarily the journal’s opinion.

(20) The researcher shouldn’t publish any part from his published research in the journal without a written permission form the editorial board.

(21) The editorial board of journal has the right to delete or shorten some pages, tables, words and content  without damaging the essential research idea provided that it suites the Journal’s publish style.

(22) In the case of disregarding any term of publish, the journal has the right to return back the research to the researcher for amendment according to the journal’s terms of publish.

(23) After the editorial board approves initially the research, it will be submitted to two proof-viewers as the research will be published based on their final approval. In the case of any amendments recommended by the proof-viewers as a term for publish; the researcher obliges to do the required amendments.

(24) In the case of approving the research for publish, the researcher pledges to send a soft copy of research after conducting the required amendments.

(25) The journal welcomes publishing comments on pre-published researches in the journal after peer-reviewing these comments by two peer-reviewers; one of them is the owner of the research commented. In the case of approving the comment for publish, the owner of original research has the right to reply the comment if he wanted.

(26) The submitted researches won’t be returned back to their owners; either they were published or not.

(27) The researcher whose research is published gets one copy of the journal in which his research was published as well as five copies from the research.

(28) The published material expresses the opinion of the publisher - the site does not bear any legal responsibility for it - in the case of any search contains a violation please inform us and we will delete this search